Gym Etiquette

If you’ve been the new person to a gym lately you know it can be a little overwhelming and even intimidating. Most newbies take extra care when they go to the gym for the first time. They make sure to learn how to use each piece of equipment correctly and overall behave well. However, often gym “rules” aren’t set out anywhere and it’s just surprising what some people will (or won’t) do.

Here are some basic gym etiquette do’s and don’ts to make sure you aren’t being that guy:

  1. Don’t hog the equipment: we learned it in kindergarten – share. We know your workout is important but pay attention to what’s happening around you. If you notice it’s a busy time at the gym and others are patiently waiting to use the equipment, take a break and let them use it for a while.
  2. Focus on you: it’s great to meet friends at the gym — we love that! But make sure you aren’t being a little creepy. Don’t hang around and watch others while they are working out; keep your focus on you and your workout.
  3. Wipe it down: working out = sweat. ALWAYS bring your own towel to the gym and USE it! This helps keep the equipment clean for you as well as for others.
  4. Put it back: you’d be surprised how many folks don’t re-rack weights after they are done. It’s not only rude but also a safety risk to leave them out, so please put them back.
  5. Pass on the selfie: in this day and age nothing really happens unless there’s a pic to prove it. So, if you must post that gym selfie, be considerate. Make sure you aren’t hogging the equipment (see #1) while you get the perfect shot. And make sure you aren’t including others in the shot who really just want to work out (see #2).

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