Meet Kenny Yates

Meet Kenny Yates, one of The Fieldhouse’s best trainers! 

Kenneth “Kenny” Yates is one of Northern Virginia’s premier athletic trainers. With over 15 years of experience in the sports and fitness industry, Kenny has been blessed to turn a love and a passion into a profession Not only was Kenny a player of multiple sports, he has also participated as a coach for youth basketball and football, with a record of winning youth titles in both sports. Kenny has also shaped the lives of young athletes by coaching basketball and football and helping athletes excel in their game through personal and team training.  Kenny has a proven track record of helping athletes further their capabilities and exceeds their counterparts in the game of baseball, football, field hockey, and lacrosse.

In the past 4 years of his career, Kenny has taken his passion and leadership skills and carved himself a very unique, niche position in the training profession, concentrating his efforts on women’s field hockey and lacrosse.

With his training experience and skills, and knowledge of sports performance and injury prevention, Kenny has quickly become the trainer that parents and athletes alike call when they are serious about taking their game to the next level and beyond.  Kenny has developed a strength and conditioning program that not only prepares his clients for their sports season but also primes the athletes for playing at the “next level”; (making their high school team, their varsity team, preparing for recruiting tournaments or preparing to attend college team). Athletic strength training is the core of his training because “Everyone has an athlete in them. I’ve been around some amazing athletes, but we all have the ability to be better and it’s my job to maximize that potential.”

While Kenny believes that no trainer gets an athlete to college, he does firmly believe in providing athletes with not just the physical tools but also the mental jewels needed to play at the next level.  Kenny has been able to do this with several of his field hockey and lacrosse athletes who are now attending colleges and universities such as University of Louisville, Ohio State University, Appalachian State, Yale, Harvard, Arizona State, Oregon, Rutgers, South Carolina, Brown, Fresno State and Christopher Newport to name a few.