Our Summer Camps are Making a Difference

Our summer camps are crazy fun — but they are also making a big difference in some young lives.

We love hearing stories of how our campers have enjoyed the sports camps and left feeling better about themselves and the world they live in. It’s just a week but sometimes that week is a big turnaround for these kids. And that’s what happened to Jadaen.

Jadaen’s aunt told us that he has been coming to our summer sports camp for three weeks. She and the rest of Jadaen’s family have noticed that during this time Jadaen has been talking about how much he enjoys our camps and how he only wants to go to camp here at The Fieldhouse. They love the fact that Jadaen really enjoys his time here, but more importantly, they have noticed how much more social Jadaen is with other campers and the camp counselors. His social confidence and skills have really shot up — all because of camp.

Camp often allows kids the opportunity to step out of their regular routines into something completely new. It encourages them to meet new friends, include different people and try something they’ve never done before. After fully active days, they realize what they’ve accomplished, and that makes them stronger – physically, emotionally and socially. And that’s why we do this. We love having fun with kids — but we also know there’s so much more to it.

Don’t miss out on the remaining weeks of summer camp!