Game Day Snackage

‘Tis the season for lots of game-watching and snack-eating. Whether you’re into pro football or the World Series, we know you also love the snacks that come along with the game. But do you really get what those snacks are costing you? We want you to enjoy the game — AND the snacks, but make sure you understand how much you’re eating and what kind of activity is required if you indulge a little too much.

Our friends at Anytime Fitness put together this breakdown to help us keep things in perspective.

2 slices of Little Ceasar’s pepperoni pizza = 65 minutes of moderate cycling

28 tortilla chips = 57 minutes of zumba

1 can of Coke = 23 minutes of walking

10 pigs in a blanket = 59 minutes of yoga

4 cans of Miller Light = 32 minutes of running

1 cup of Chex Mix = 29 minutes of high impact aerobics

So, now you know!