Getting Fit Before the Holidays

Are you one of those people, promising yourself that this year is the year — this time, for real, you’re going to get fit (and stay fit) before the holidays?

We know you mean well. We also know that time goes by fast and (as of today) there are only 76 days until Christmas…..

So, what are you waiting for? Make this year different than all the ones before and get fit before the holidays. We’ve got a couple of things you can do to make sure this time it happens and you can finally head into the holidays feeling healthy and confident:

  1. Halloween. We usually don’t count this as a holiday but it can really blow the plan before you even get out of the gate. It doesn’t help that supermarkets start selling those huge bags of candy in August. The best plan for this one is to wait until the day before Halloween to purchase candy for your trick-or-treaters. Don’t worry…. we promise there will be some. And this way, all the candy goes to those cute little kids in the neighborhood, not to your thighs.
  2. Menus. All of the holidays include massive amounts of food. This is some of the best part! But it doesn’t have to all be carbs and sugar. We usually default to the traditions we love, which is fine, but there’s nothing wrong with adding some healthy selections as well. If you start searching now for recipes that include more vegetables, you’ll have plenty of time to try a few recipes before it’s crunch time.
  3. Workouts. As the holidays get closer, our calendars fill up and time gets away from us. Most of us are busier at this time of year than any other time, and we just can’t fit everything in. Make sure you keep your workouts a priority and schedule them into your busy days ahead. The Fieldhouse is here to help and offers different types of memberships for everyone. Check out what we’ve got going on and make sure you make these a priority in the coming days and months.