No School? No Problem!

School is back in session and things are plugging along… until WHAM! school holidays start showing up on the calendar and now you have to figure out child care during the weekday. We know this can really throw a wrench in your schedule, and sometimes it may even require you to take time off of work, which can be really difficult.

Don’t panic – we’ve got your back. We’re way ahead of you and even have your child’s school calendar for the entire school year. Every school holiday, planning day and break we’ve got some awesome activities planned out here at The Fieldhouse. We even have before and after school care available, if you need it.

Check out our No School Camp page and register for every day you want and need. Your child will love having something fun and exciting to do on those days of no school. Even better — get a friend to register and double the fun!

So, relax. Your child gets a fun day and you can be confident they are being cared for well (and having a great time!) while you’re at work. Everyone wins!