Strength Training – It’s Not Just for Men!

Strength training and women haven’t been words typically used in the same sentence, that is, until recently. But even with the recent push, some women are still reluctant to give it a shot. There are a lot of good reasons for women to pick up those weights — here are just a few:
  • Tone your body – although cardio is great at improving your heart health and overall stamina, strength training will help you look good. You’ll notice your muscle tone will be tighter; you’ll look sleek and trim. Even if you don’t want to look ripped, it’s always nice to see a little muscle definition under your skin.
  • Improve your abilities – want to run faster or farther? Lift weights. As you work your muscles, it’ll strengthen them and give you abilities you didn’t know you needed in your cardio workout. Have you hit a cardio plateau? Strength training can help you crush it. You’ll also feel stronger and more capable when you’re lifting regularly.
  • Healthy bones and joints – lifting weights consistently can help improve your bone density and fight osteoporosis. Women who strength train often experience less pain in their joints, less bone loss, and decreased lower back pain.
  • Reduce injuries – when done correctly, strength training can mean less risk of injury every time you work out. As you lift weights you strengthen your muscles and bones, which means you’ll be less likely to injure yourself during your daily sweat session.
  • Reduce anxiety – most people who exercise find it helps improve their mood. In fact, numerous studies show the impact of cardio exercise on mood, mental sharpness, and even general quality of life. Strength training has also been shown to improve anxiety levels. So the next time you dread going to the gym, just think about how much better you’ll feel.
So, you see? Nothing to be worried about – women can gain all of the benefits of strength training men do without bulking up. One of our amazing trainers can help you develop the perfect strength training workout for you.