FH Schoolhouse

Looking for a program that you can rely on for your children’s distance learning in these trying times?  Look no further.  Welcome to the FH Schoolhouse!  The safe, fun, and new alternative to supplement your children’s education.

The FH Schoolhouse will ensure a safe environment by enforcing CDC guidelines while also taking extra safety measures to keep everything clean and sanitized.  Our mission is to provide an opportunity away from home with on-site teachers and tutors that parents can count on to support their student’s education with the addition of fun-for-all in the afternoon.

The Basics:

  • Elementary and Middle School students
  • Groups of 10 based on age/grade
  • 1:10 staff/student ratio per group
  • Temperature checks upon arrival
  • Students will stay with their group for schooling and recreation to limit exposure
  • Each student will get their own, sanitized work station (desk and chair) every morning
  • Students will be required to bring their computer, supplies, headphones, sanitizer and a mask
  • Students are required to wear masks unless eating/drinking or participating in recreational activities
  • All staff will be required to wear masks

For more information on what we are doing as a facility to limit exposure and provide a clean and safe environment, contact Zack Welch, zwelch@chantillyyouth.org or Evan Szklennik, eszklennik@chantillyyouth.org.

The Breakdown:

  • Full 9-hour day (half day option is available, see below)
  • Educational Support is 8am – 1:30pm depending on grade and school assignments
  • Lunch for elementary students will be 11:30am – 12:30pm
  • Lunch for middle school students will be Noon – 12:30pm
  • Recreation will be from 1:30pm – 5pm
  • Times are based on current data from School Systems, but are subject to change if school times / class times are changed


  • Full week (5-day, full day): $250
  • Full day (no specific amount of days during the week): $60/day
  • Half day (school in the morning w/ lunch OR only recreation in the afternoon): $30/day


Contact Zack Welch or Evan Szklennik or call 571-529-6545.


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