Fit Hour at The Fieldhouse is geared towards maximizing your goals through field-based bootcamp-style classes. 60 minutes in length, each class focuses on targeting specific muscle groups to enhance your overall fitness goals. Workouts are carefully designed to boost your metabolism and create long lean muscle. Currently, this membership includes EveryMom Fitness classes where kids are welcome on the field with Mom.

The goal of this membership-based program is to help each person reach their individual goals. The instructors lead with high energy while making sure you are correctly performing the exercises. Modifications are offered to meet all fitness levels, making these classes challenging yet accessible for everyone!

powered by…Everymom Fitness at THE Fieldhouse

Monday – Friday @ 10am

Saturday @ 8am
EveryMom is now for EveryOne! We are opening up our EveryMom classes for anyone looking for a FUN bootcamp-style class where children are welcome on the field with Mom or Dad.

FitHour Membership Cost: $50/mo
Drop-in: $10 ($5 with a member)

Program Manager: Erica Hall

For the past 10 years Erica has provided the means and motivation for both women and men to achieve and exceed their fitness goals in challenging, supportive group classes.

Erica has been a certified personal trainer for over 10 years, training both men and women. She worked in a private personal training studio to gain experience with injury recovery. Running her own fitness business in Tampa, Florida, Erica taught bootcamp classes within her neighborhood. She has also taught and trained at several gyms and studios locally. Helping people achieve their fitness goals and feel confident and strong is what has always been a true passion for Erica.

She is the co-owner of EveryMom Fitness, located right here at The FieldHouse. EveryMom Fitness is dedicated to providing every mom with a great workout offering modifications for every fitness level. Kids are encouraged to attend classes with their moms where they also learn the importance of exercise in building a healthy, strong body inside and out. The EveryMom class has grown from 10 members to over 40, in just 5 months under Erica’s leadership.



Right around this time last year, my friend Kristen convinced me to join EveryMom Fitness and I couldn’t be happier. At the time I was just about 4 months postpartum, somewhere over 220lbs, and very out of shape. I knew it was time to start taking care of myself, but wasn’t quite sure how to make it work with an infant and a toddler. After attending the first class, both kids in tow, I realized that EveryMom Fitness was the perfect solution. All of the women were very welcoming and the instructor Erica made sure to show modifications for all fitness levels, making me feel at ease. My boys were able to stay with me while I worked out, which enabled them to play and socialize with other kids. EveryMom Fitness provided me the perfect outlet to get fit, both physically and mentally.

Looking back at pictures of myself from this time last year has been eye opening to say the least. I am down at least 50lbs and feel like a new person. I am happier, healthier, and have the energy needed to keep up with my boys. I have EveryMom Fitness to thank for this version of myself. Having a supportive group holds me accountable. I try to attend class 4 to 5 times a week, which in turn helps me make healthier food choices. I still indulge in sweets and libations but make sure to moderate accordingly. It’s also great that I get the opportunity to get together monthly with my fellow moms for a kids-free night out.

I want to share my story in hopes that it will motivate other moms who think they can’t achieve a healthier lifestyle. Everymom Fitness is not a magic pill or a fad diet, it is a fitness program backed with an amazing group of supportive women who will keep you motivated and mentally sane.

Thanks EveryMom Fitness!!


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