Full Force is a HIIT fitness membership designed to keep you moving throughout a 55-minute class in a 30-60 second interval style. You will work in groups, but the intensity level up is to you and how hard you want to push yourself. The class has a sports training feel, designed to make you sweat and burn major calories, while increasing cardiovascular levels, strength, and decreasing overall body fat percentage.

The high-level tempo will keep you in a fat burning zone and you will quickly be challenged by the members within your group who will push you to your limits as you all work to complete the instructor-led workout.

Also, we have Yoga and Barre classes to allow for you to add to variety to your workouts.  All the Yoga and Barre classes are included in your Full Force membership.  Take as many classes per day as you see fit.


Each class will consist of cardio, strength, power, core work, and lots of energy and fun. If you like to move, sweat, and feel the rush of friendly competition, this program is for you. Competition is a large part of class, so if you like to compete, give Full Force a try.

If you are interested in joining this “everyone welcome” program, contact Evan at eszklennik@chantillyyouth.org .

• Full Force Membership Cost: $75/mo

• Full Force Classes per week: 15-20





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