The Fieldhouse Strong membership runs two primary strength-based programs, Field Strong and House Strong.

Field Strong is based around all athletic endeavors with a focus on injury prevention, stability, flexibility, strength, speed, power, nutrition, and preparing athletes for any sport they compete in.

House Strong is a program based on your weekend warrior who is looking for a different kind of workout, but will also satisfy your everyday meathead. This program primarily focuses on the powerlifting and bodybuilding aspects of strength training.

Both programs will follow a conjugate / Westside style model of training, but with a different focus on each. A beginner all the way up to an advanced athlete/lifter can do either program because the workouts will be modified to the individual athlete/lifter.

Each program will be run by Donny Smith, who has over ten years of experience as a Division 1 Strength Coach, NFL Combine Preparation, Crossfit Gym Owner, and Personal Trainer. We also offer small group training, team training, and individualized personal training. If you have any questions, please reach out to

Fieldhouse Strong will kick off in October with a FREE WEEK. If you are interested in joining this membership, contact

• Fieldhouse Strong Membership Cost: $100/mo

• Fieldhouse Strong classes per week: 15-20

• For team training or group training, contact Donny Smith directly

• Fieldhouse Strong Manager: Donny Smith



Body Tempering

While frequently working out your body is likely to start to stiffen up. There are a few things to be done.  Stretching, foam rolling, and now here at The Fieldhouse you have the option of body tempering.

Body Tempering was developed Donnie Thompson, by the first man to powerlift 3,000 lbs, and taught directly to The Fieldhouse’s own Donny Smith.  It is used in some professional football weight rooms and with a number of powerlifters across the globe.

But what is body tempering and what does it do? says “Simply put, the X-Wife diffuses (Dispersal) tissue and its crushing weight relieves tightness involving fascia, muscle, veins, organs and nerves. They aid in ridding toxins (toxins are strongly acidic, metabolic waste and molecules associated with inflammation but not limited to) specifically from the fascia, veins and nerve encasement’s. Like a rolling pin kneading dough.”  Muscle and Fitness did a great write up here:

Stay Tuned for videos on how Donny uses his varying body tempering tools.



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