The Fieldhouse Small Group Training can help you meet your fitness, training and strength goals. Our staff of experienced trainers is ready to help you and your group get to the place you want to be physically.  We will train each group with specific equipment and personalized workout plans that make the most of your time at The Fieldhouse.

0-4 athletes: $70hr per session
5-10 athletes: $15.50 per athlete, per session
11-15 athletes: $12 per athlete, per session

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The Fieldhouse Team Training is an individualized program based on your sports demands and needs. We will work closely with your team coaches to produce the greatest training stimulus to coincide with your sport. We will focus on all areas of training such as injury prevention, joint stability, flexibility, strength, speed, power, GPP, conditioning, nutrition and recovery. This holistic approach to training will surely lead to success for whatever competitive platform you compete on.

If you would like more information reach out to Donny Smith at or a call at 571-274-8335.

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