Personal Training at The Fieldhouse can help you meet your fitness, training and strength goals. Our staff of experienced trainers is ready to help you advance and get to the place you want to be physically.  We will train you with specific equipment and personalized workout plans that make the most of your time at The Fieldhouse. We also can provide you with a nutrition plan to reinforce your fitness goals.

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Donny Smith, Fieldhouse Fitness Director

Donny Smith is The Fieldhouse manager who specializes in Strength & Fitness and runs our Fieldhouse Strong classes.  Donny grew up in Sterling, VA and is a former Park View Patriot. While at Park View, he was a two-sport, All-State athlete as a heavyweight wrestler and offensive guard for Football. He continued his playing career at West Virginia University where his team won the Big East Championship twice, the Sugar Bowl Championship, the Gator Bowl Championship, and the Fiesta Bowl Championship. After three seasons, he transferred to James Madison University where he was ranked 1st nationally for 12 straight weeks and capped off the year with a CAA Football Championship. At JMU he played in multiple games and started 10.  During his last two years at JMU he was a full-time intern with the Olympic Sports Strength Coach (men’s basketball, women’s basketball, women’s soccer, men’s soccer, cheerleading, baseball, and track) in the weight room and later interned at Bridgewater College with over 20 sports. 

After a successful playing career, Donny began working at the JMU football training center with swimming, diving, men’s golf, women’s golf, women’s lacrosse, and field hockey. He graduated from James Madison with a degree in Kinesiology. Upon Graduation, he took a position as a Graduate Assistant Strength Coach at Wagner College where he assisted with football, women’s water polo, women’s soccer, swimming, men’s track, baseball, women’s lacrosse, and women’s swimming. He worked primarily with men’s basketball, women’s basketball, and men’s lacrosse. After one year at Wagner, he advanced to a position as an Assistant Strength Coach at James Madison University where he trained with women’s lacrosse, field hockey, and football, and worked primarily with women’s golf, men’s golf and women’s swimming and diving.

He later moved to UNC Charlotte to take the Assistant Strength Coach position, was directly responsible for the baseball team and was a part of the staff that built the fastest-growing Division 1 Football program in history.

During Donny’s coaching career he trained a multitude of players who later became professional athletes in the NFL, MLB, and European Basketball Leagues. In addition to coaching professional athletes, he has coached two Olympians for women’s swimming and field hockey. He has also trained multiple athletes for their NFL combine preparation including Arthur Moats (Steelers/Bills), Dorian Brooks (Steelers) and Earl Watford (Cardinals).

Since 2016, Donny has owned and operated Crossfit Hydraulic here in Chantilly. He has also worked with a wide range of Personal training clients from all walks of life to bring his years of coaching experience to help fit their needs and goals. Donny is looking forward to building a Strong family type atmosphere for everyone here at the fieldhouse.

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Donny’s credentials are so substantial that we have to list them here.

Kenneth Yates

Kenneth “Kenny” Yates is one of Northern Virginia’s premier athletic trainers. With over 15 years of experience in the sports and fitness industry, Kenny has been blessed to turn a love and a passion into a profession Not only was Kenny a player of multiple sports, he has also participated as a coach for youth basketball and football, with a record of winning youth titles in both sports. Not only has Kenny played a multitude of sports himself, but he has also shaped the lives of young athletes by coaching basketball and football and helping athletes excel in their game through personal and team training.  Kenny has a proven track record of helping athletes further their capabilities and exceeds their counterparts in the game of baseball, football, field hockey, and lacrosse.

In the past 4 years of his career, Kenny has taken his passion and leadership skills and carved himself a very unique, niche position in the training profession, concentrating his efforts on women’s field hockey and lacrosse.

With his training experience and skills, and knowledge of sports performance and injury prevention, Kenny has quickly become the trainer that parents and athletes alike call when they are serious about taking their game to the next level and beyond.  Kenny has developed a strength and conditioning program that not only prepares his clients for their sports season but also primes the athletes for playing at the “next level”; (making their high school team, their varsity team, preparing for recruiting tournaments or preparing to attend college team). Athletic strength training is the core of his training because “Everyone has an athlete in them. I’ve been around some amazing athletes, but we all have the ability to be better and it’s my job to maximize that potential.”

While Kenny believes that no trainer gets an athlete to college, he does firmly believe in providing athletes with not just the physical tools but also the mental jewels needed to play at the next level.  Kenny has been able to do this with several of his field hockey and lacrosse athletes who are now attending colleges and universities such as University of Louisville, Ohio State University, Appalachian State, Yale, Harvard, Arizona State, Oregon, Rutgers, South Carolina, Brown, Fresno State and Christopher Newport to name a few.

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Jennifer Rogers

Jennifer Rogers has been in the fitness industry for more than 20 years. She is a Certified Pilates Trainer (800 hours of study) and an American College of Exercise Certified Personal Trainer.

Continuing Education Courses include:

• Exercise for Knee and Hip Replacement
• Strength Training past 50
• Core Training for Seniors
• Strength and Conditioning for Seniors
• Balance Training

Jennifer’s training is aimed at helping older women feel more able and confident in their bodies. Activities such as travel, gardening, hiking, and caring for grandchildren are more enjoyable with a cooperative body.

Jennifer customizes workouts to address her clients’ needs. Workouts include flexibility training, core stability and strength, free weight and resistance training, balance training, and agility/mobility practice.

Excerpts from client testimonials….

“Jennifer understood that golf is core-dependent. Even my golf instructor has commented on how my balance and flexibility have improved.” – Maureen G.

“Working with Jen has increased my core strength, reduced back problems, kept me motivated, improved my mental health, ensures proper form and technique.  I could go on and on…” – Carol S.

“Since I began working with Jennifer, I have experienced … noticeable improvement in posture and neck mobility.” – Pat H.

“Jennifer works hard at tailoring my workouts to fit my specific needs and capabilities.” – Carol M.

“… I have found a motivator with a sense of humor and working with a 65-year-old takes some humor!” – Margie W.

Donny's Credentials

Coaching Career Highlights

·      2008 (JMU) – CAA Women’s Basketball Champions
·      2008 (JMU) – NCAA Tournament Women’s Basketball
·      2009 (JMU) – CAA Women’s Basketball Champions
·      2009 (JMU) – NCAA Tournament Women’s Basketball
·      2010 (JMU) – CAA Champions Women’s Lacrosse
·      2010 (JMU – NCAA Tournament Women’s Lacrosse
·      2010 (Wagner) – NEC Men’s Basketball Freshmen of the Year
·      2011 (JMU) – NCAA Football Playoffs
·      2011-2012 (JMU) – CAA Champions Women’s Swimming & Diving
·      2011-2012 (JMU) – CAA Diver of the Year
·      2013 (UNC Charlotte) – A10 Regular Season Champions
·      2013 (UNC Charlotte) – A10 Player of the Year

Playing Career Highlights

·      2005 (WVU) – Big East Football Champions
·      2006 (WVU) Sugar Bowl Champions
·      2007 (WVU) Gator Bowl Champions
·      2007 (WVU) Big East Football Champions
·      2008 (WVU) Fiesta Bowl Champions
·      2008 (JMU) CAA Football Champions
·      2008 (JMU) NCAA Tournament Semi-Finalist


·      Weight Loss / Nutrition
·      Injury Prevention
·      Flexibility / Mobility
·      Body Tempering
·      Strength Training
·      Functional Training
·      High Intensity Interval Training
·      Cardio Programming


·      CrossFit Level 1 Coach
·      CPR
·      AED
·      High School Football Coach

Body Tempering

While frequently working out your body is likely to start to stiffen up. There are a few things to be done.  Stretching, foam rolling, and now here at The Fieldhouse, you have the option of body tempering.

Body Tempering was developed Donnie Thompson, by the first man to power-lift 3,000 lbs, and taught directly to The Fieldhouse’s own Donny Smith.  It is used in some professional football weight rooms and with a number of powerlifters across the globe.

But what is body tempering and what does it do? says “Simply put, the X-Wife diffuses (Dispersal) tissue and its crushing weight relieves tightness involving fascia, muscle, veins, organs, and nerves. They aid in ridding toxins (toxins are strongly acidic, metabolic waste and molecules associated with inflammation but not limited to) specifically from the fascia, veins and nerve encasements. Like a rolling pin kneading dough.”  Muscle and Fitness did a great write up here:

"I started going to Donny after a chronic injury to my hamstring almost sidelined my marathon training. As an endurance athlete, I have always had significant fitness, but not a lot of strength. Knowing my goal was to rehab my injury and increase my performance, Donny put together a plan that included both strength and flexibility conditioning. I am happy to say I was able to train for, and complete my marathon without injury and even ran my personal best of 3:18. I am much stronger now than I ever have been, and will 100% continue to use strength and flexibility conditioning as part of my training moving forward. Although I dreaded the ex-wife, she was good to me and I highly recommend adding body tempering into your fitness routine." – Karin 

"Over the course of almost 2 years working with Donny, I saw my major lift numbers increase drastically. He started by building a solid foundation of fitness and then worked on the form to make sure I was lifting safety. Once that foundation was built, we added load and I saw my bench press increase from 195 to 255 in less than a year, Squat went from 265 to 315, and my deadlift increase from 365 to 415.  The movements varied in a way to keep it interesting so I was never bored.  An utmost professional and I look forward to seeing where I go in the future." – Dennis